Direction of Tourism and Handicrafts Oum El Bouaghi

Expansion Zones And Tourist Sites

The Status of Tourist Expansion Areas

Tourist expansion area programmed for classification location Surface in hectares
El-Zrog tourist expansion area El Zrog 49
Oum El Bouaghi tourist expansion area Oum El Boughi 30
Souk Naaman tourist expansion area Souk Naaman 50

According to the Article 02 of Law 03/03 dated in 17/02/2003 concerning tourist expansion areas,Oum el-Bouaghi state has benefited under the Executive Decree of Tourism Preparation 15/87 dated in 11 March , 2015 from 03 tourist expansion areas.

According to article 06: Mr. Wali presents the draft tourism preparation scheme with the preparation record, the minutes of the closure of the investigation, and the opinion of the competent State People’s Assembly to the relevant municipal people’s assembly or the municipal people’s councils concerned for approval.

Proposed areas: The state authorities also put at the disposal of potential investors all their capabilities and assistance in order to complete entertainment and leisure projects to support the development of the tourism sector, including:

Recreation Forests: As part of joint ministerial publication No. 156 dated: 10 February 2015 on the implementation of the provisions of Executive Decree 06-368 dated:October 19, 2006, which sets out the legal system for the license to exploit the recreation forests as well as the conditions and how they were granted the allocation of 05 recreation forests at the level of Oum el-Bouaghi state:.

  • Forest recreation in El-kamine city. 19 hectares
  • El Hrakta forest recreation.(El-Sanawber forest)
  • Forest recreation in El kemine city
  • The forest recreation, of Sidi Rghis. 03 hectares
  • Bozabin Recreational Forest: 25 hectares