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Natural Sites

The natural location of Oum El Bouaghi state is a journey in the masterpieces of the landscape, which sends a luster that charms you from the first sight and you find yourself drawn immersing in the embrace of its captivating nature.


Oum El bouaghi has a significant forest wealth with an estimated total area of 75484 hectares, and it has an attractive tourist nature , in the arms of these forests you will discover different types of plants such as alleppopine,oak,wormwood,and cork, in addition to the wild animals such as the hare, the bland fox,thejackal,and many types of birds such as the eagle,partridge…. Also you will glimpse the natural and fresh water sources to complete the beauty of the virgin forests of OEB .In it you will find fun and excitement. The most important forests of OEB are: SidiRghis forest, Bouzabine forest in AinMlila, and kasr Al Sbihiforest.The forest’s wealth acquired by OEB state open a wide door for the development of forest tourism and ecotourism.


The south of OEB state is characterized by humid areas consisting of several lakes, which has a distinct view of the natural masterpieces on the world .These lakes are distinguished by their radiant beauty.There are 11lakes,in 2004, five of them were classified on the Ramsar list as a protected areas, and they are represented in:”theMaghssel lottery, the Qualeef lottery, El Tarf and El Shat lottery “ .three of them were classified in2009 they are: (Sebkhet Al Zamoul ; Timmerkaneen lottery, and boulhelat lake). All of them provide a distinct frame work that is surrounded by forests.Also it receives a huge flocks of migratory birds such as: pink pigeon, cranes, hoopoe…that’s why it has an impressive mosaic paint of different sizes and colors.


Oum El Bouaghi has a unique opportunity for mountains and forest tourism, with a wonderful Atlantic mountains spreading with diverse vegetation cover, it provides a suitable frame work for fishing and tourism exploration. The most important mountains in OEB are:”the mountain of Hanout el Kbir, SidiRghis mount, El Tarf mount, Qaryoun mount, Fartass mount….

Historical Monuments

The civilization’s succession of OEB left clear traces to shine in very important historical monuments , and it takes you on a journey through time and stops at the masterpeices of its remerable civilized past. The most important landmarks that invite you to visit are:

-Sigus monuments that are classified within the national heritage.

-Silla’s website, which is a very important site that contains valuable historical data.

-Ain El Borj site that is located in El Amiriya and includes relics from the prehistoric and Islamic period.

-The Roman city that is located in El Dalaa, where luxury pottery and utensils were found on this site, it also includes tunnels, rooms , and landfills .

The Ruins of Qadiovala City, which is a Bizantine city located in Kasr el Sbihi, which formed a military watch fortress that ensures monitoring of the entire region .

– Ain Bebouch Ruins, the most beautiful thing found in this city is the mosaic paint which was transferred to Bardo Museum.

Religious Monuments:

religious landmarks in OEB state are also among the most important qualifications. It opens the door widely for religious tourism, and they are represented in mosques, and ancient scientific corners that have played noble roles since ancient time. In addition to the high –end engineering touches, which are of Arab and Islamic origins. Among these important landmarks:

El Masdjid EL Atique (ancient mosque) in OEB Which was found in 1929 and was classified as a national mosque, the corner oF Buhajar El Rahmania in Sigus , which was found in Othman era in 1729, in addition to the corner of Sidi Rghis in Ain Fakroun.

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