Direction of Tourism and Handicrafts Oum El Bouaghi


In the context of developing tourism sector in Oum El Bouaghi, the state has benefited from a study.

Tourism development guidelines 2025 dated in 18-01-2010, which is a part of the national plan for preparing the region , which was decided to prepare and define its features by law 01/02 dated in 12-12-2001 that is related to regional preparation and sustainable development, which highlights how the state intends to ensure the tripartite balance , social justice, economic efficiency and ecological support within the frame work of sustainable development at the country level for the next twenty years which was approved by the follow-up communities members of Oum El Bouaghi’s tourist guidelines development formed by virtue of resolution No. 257 of 07-02-2011dated on 16-07-2018 .This general report of tourism development guiding plan contains four books :

  1. First Book: diagnosing the current situation.
  2. Second Book: aspirations for developing tourism development strategies based on the dynamics defined by tourism development guideline .
  3. Third Book: the chosen strategy the of tourism development of the state
  4. Fourth Book: tourism development strategy and implementation programs.

The fourth book that entitled “Tourism Development Strategy and Implementation Programs for the State” deals with seven topics:

  • The new tourism administration
  • The management of tourism development guidelines 2030
  • Organizing and forming tourism activity
  • The need to develop assessment schedule for sustainable development
  • Accompanying the transformation of Algeria into a tourist country
The Implementation Agenda of tourist development