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The Most Important Traditional Industries in Oum El Bouaghi State

The traditional industry in Oum El Bouaghi is characterized by the diversity of its products, shapes and colors, due to the availability of raw materials as wool, nud….The most important points of these industries are:

Fabric/ Texture:

The carpet of Oum El Bouaghi is known as “Zarbiet El Hrakta” which families work to preserve as well as associations and craftsmen. This carpet is distinguished by its antiquity, it has been associated with the region since many years, it is also decorated with various shapes and colors that symbolize prevalent meanings or values, including:

  • Zarbiet “El Farkh”

It contains berber symbols and birds ‘drawings, it is the oldest type of El Hrakta carpet which is predominated by red, yellow and green colors.

  • Zarbiet “El Mihrab

It contains war or battles drawings and knights figures, and it is covered by dark-red, green and black.

  • Zarbiet “El Okda”:

It is called in this way because it depends on knots in its weaving, among its shapes: tattoos, or weaving tools such as “El Khelala”, in addition to “El Hanbel” the cover mattresses, sofas and woolen pillows.

*Traditional clothes

The traditional in Oum El Bouaghi state is AuressianChawi dress, characterized by its dark colors such as black, red, brown, it shows peoples ‘traditions and customs details.

1.Women’s Dress:

The traditional women’s dress is known as “the ChawiMelhfa” it is black and decorated in fringes by three colors: red, yellow,green . women put over their head a handkerchief known as”Taghanest” , and she belts her waist with a woolen belt of various colors , and she wears an inner shirt with large sleeves of white or black colors. Also she is adorned with various silver ornament, as for tattoo it is a must and it is considered as an imprint of the authentic Chawi women.

2-Men’s Dress

Men wear White “gandoura“, “serwal hockey”; “Djelika” and “El kamiss” which are white or light yellow in color, and the “Barnos”is placed on the top of them.In addition; to the “Kashabiah”, which is made of the high quality wool and is woven in a traditional way? Its color is usually black or brown, while the head is covered by “Chech”and tightened with threads of different colors.

Silver Jewelry Handicraft

Oum El Bouaghi state is famous of making silver jewelry, which derives its originality from Auress region, and it is widely spread among the craftsmen of the region specifically, because it is one of the Chawi women accessories which are present in all occasions and in their daily life uch as:”El-djebin”-“El –khelkhel”-“El-khelala”-“El-Makias”-“El-Belta”….

Various photos of traditional industries