Direction of Tourism and Handicrafts Oum El Bouaghi

Tourist Development Plan

Tourism Development Strategy

Oum EL Bouaghi‘s directorate of tourism and handicrafts has adapted a new startegy with the aim of consolidating the achievement in the sector and working to embody more achievements.

-this strategy stems from the national plan of tourism development for the horizon 2030 and the guideline for tourism development in Oum El Bouaghi state , as well as the instructions and directives issued by the ministry of tourism and handicrafts . This strategy is based on the following points :

  • Supporting and encouraging tourism investment, especially private ones.
  • Qualifying, developing and promoting tourism activities.
  • Modernization of the training system in tourism and hotel fields
  • Introducing tourism professionalism in media and promotional communication activity.
  • Reviving local holidays, festivals, tourist and craft events.
  • Contributing the protection of tourist sites and historical monuments, especially the classified one.
  • Urging sector professionals and hotel managers, tourist and travel to get involved in the quality scheme.