Direction of Tourism and Handicrafts Oum El Bouaghi

Our Gastronomy


Traditional cooking in the state of Oum El Bouaghi is characterized by various delicious dishes that open the appetite of every visitor comes to the city or resident in it, not to mention the high nutritional value of these dishes due to the reliance of healthy basic ingredients such as milk,butter,boad beans and all kinds of vegetables. This is due to “Chawiwomen”who has worked hard to coordinate between sweet and hot foods cooking that is served in the famous restaurants of the world. One of the famous foods that Oum El-Bouaghi invites you to taste are:

Couscous : it is considered as the famous traditional dishe in the state . It is served with meat and vegetables or milk.

El Mesfouf: it is a kind of couscous prepared with butter and sugar.

Chakhchoukhat El Fermess : It is prepared in winter, and it is a porridge with both consisting of meat, vegetables and “fermess”which is a kind of preserved sour dried apricots.

Berbouchet El-Reghda :it is kouskous that is prepared by barley,its color is brown.

El-Ziraoui : this type of “Rfis”is presented to guests or farmers at the harvest time to provide them by energy. It was served to “Mujeideen” at revolution time, and it consists of:”Kesra”-“dates”and “butter”.

El Eish:it is prepared in winter with “El-Kedid”(Khlei), hot pepper, and various vegetables,it is served in a bowl of wood.

Taminet el-Swik : It is prepared on the occasion of children success and for engagement. Its ingredient are: green barley flour, butter and planting

El –bradj :it is prepared on the occasion of spring season. It consists of butter; is served with milk or “El-Ben”.

Djben Bouhezza : It is considered as one of the most prominent and authentic traditional products that characterizes the state of O-E-B .It was made as a special product for the state. An annual feast was dedicated for it. It is prepared by milk and salt.

EL-Cherchem: it is served on the occasion of children’ teeth, it is always accompanied by “TaminetSwick” which is wheat soaked in water for a whole night then cooked over fire with water and little salt.